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What's On My Mind
Wednesday, 17 February 2010
Mood:  blue
I have been asked if I believe in God and my answer is yes.  BUT I do not believe in the Christian God, Jewish God or Muslim God because of the fear, suffering and past killings in the name of those Gods.  He is a God that shows very little love and makes you fear him more for all the misery he has put his people through.  Why in the world would I want to worship a God that lets he people suffer so much and put them through unbearable pain and allow so many people to die before their time or so tragically who believed in him.


My God is a true loving and forgiving God who does not let his people suffer because he is a God of peace.  The God I believe in believes that the only true happiness is showing and sharing the love and peace.  When I was young I had a fear of God because that is what we were taught in Bible class and the only way to get to God was through supposedly his son, Jesus and this caused me a lot misery because I could not pray directly to God.  I got tired of having to do that and I did turn my back on God for a long time.


People will say there is only one God and that he is the God of all people then why is there so many different religions if it is the same God?  The God of the Christians including the Catholics kill so many people of different religions and cultures died off and some disappear forever because they were uncivilized or heathens because they did not or would not believe in their God.  Why would the God of the Jews allow a crazy little man in ....Germany.... convince others that all Jews should be rounded up and killed?  Why would the God of the Muslims allow these fanatics convince others to kill themselves and others around them?  The words of the Qur’an have been so misinterpreted so it can be used in the slaying of innocent people around the world. 

That is why I prefer my God and he will never judge you and it knows that you know right from wrong and that all the suffering you will have will be brought on by the guilt you feel for knowing what is right and what is wrong.  You will make your own heaven and hell here on earth while you live and then once your life is over, it is over. 

You wonder why this world is so messed up with all these so called loving Gods of Christians, Jews and Muslims, they are basically at war with each and killing innocent people for their God.  Casualties of war, I think not just casualties of stupidity who have no understanding of true love, peace and happiness.  Now you know why I only believe in my God and want nothing to do with the other Gods of the other religions.

Posted by churchofuniversallove at 4:56 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 7 September 2010 11:49 PM EDT
Monday, 1 February 2010
Mood:  irritated
I do not believe in preaching or passing the plate around and that is why I am on the internet instead of in a building.  I also do not believe when someone preaches that they should talk down to someone and be above them on a platform.  I believe you should be on the same level so you can talk to them and if you have aisles walk down it while talking.

I do not believe making someone feel dumb while talking to them but being very simple in what I say to them.  The main reason I do not go to church anymore because of all the following above.  I do not believe pushing my beliefs on anyone unless they want to hear it but again I am not pushy or try to evaluate you or tell you any short comings because you do not believe a certain way.

You may be wondering what brought this on.  I have to tell you that I try to add someone on MySpace as a friend and instead of just ignoring me and not adding me they deciede to evaulate and preach at me as their explanation on why not to add me.  So I will copy and paste what they wrote and my response to it.  Please if I offend anyone it is not my intention.  I was raised Baptist and first wife was Catholic so our daughter went to Catholic school from kindergarten to eighth grade.  When I separated and divorce my wife I went into studying buddhism and found it more relaxing and enlightening.  So that explains my background in religion and beliefs.

Here what was sent to me and Subj: Friend Request

You obviously believe that "all truth is relative", but that itself is an absolute statement, and therefore completely self-contradictory.

We Orthodox Christians believe in Absolute Truth: our Lord Jesus Christ, the One-and-Only Begotton Son, Who is eternally glorified with the Father and Holy Spirit... Who became incarnate to lead us into the Fullness of Truth: Himself, manifest in His One Holy Apostolic Orthodox Church.

"All humanism is based in the belief that man is the highest value, the supreme is the principle criterion, the ultimate criterion... man is the measure of everything.  At its core, every humanism is, in the final analysis, idolatrous and polytheistic in origin.  All humanism strives unceasingly, whether consciously or unconsciously, for one result: to replace the God-man, Christ, with a belief in man, to replace the Gospel of the God-man with a gospel according to man, to replace life according to the God-man with life according to man.  And what is this?  It is egotism and self-love embraced in all eternity, that is to say: hell.  For that is essentially what the humanist is--entirely within himself, by himself, for himself, always spitefully closed in opposition to God.  Here lies every humanism."

-St Justin Popovich

CHRIST'S Church of Universal Love

Here is my response:

I am wondering how that I believe that "all truth is relative".  You have never met me or talked to me but yet you make this assumption about me.  What if I said that there is no such thing as truth but statements to bring attention to one self, a form of truth in the absolute that certain individuals are so gulliable believing that the person talking is telling the truth.

The reason I am making this statement because I believe it is the absolute truth.  You did not have to send your statements of your truth because ones truth can be another's fiction.  I read what you sent me and see why people are turing away from God.  It is someone like yourself who sends their belief to someone that makes you above them and talk down to them and think you know it all.  I prefer to appease all people no matter what they believe, race or sexual preference.  I rather make people comfortable in their own skin than insulut them and make them feel uncomfortable with who they are.

I also do not appreciate you putting Christ in front of the name of my church because it is not Christ's Church of Universal Love it is "Everyone's" Church of Universal Love because all reliligions and worship, even athesist and agnostict are welcome.  I believe anyone who has love and peace will have love for Jesus and God, if that is there belief.  But by pushing your belief and ideology on others it is insulting, offensive and uncalled for.

Love & Peace,
Rev. Duane Williams

Next time someone wants to add you as a friend and you do not want to add them, just do not do it.  I think they prefer not to know your ideology because to some it will be offensive.

Posted by churchofuniversallove at 7:52 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 14 June 2010 2:38 PM EDT
Saturday, 30 January 2010
My Motorcycle Into The Mountains
Mood:  chillin'
Today I decided to take a ride on my motorcycle into the mountains.  I have been up there before about 8 months ago before the fires and the previous rains.  As I drove up the road I could see where the fires had been and because of it, I saw where mudslides have been because of the rain.  I thought of a song that James Taylor wrote, "Fire and Rain".  The song ran through my head while I was driving and I finally came to a place to stop and think.  I got off my motorcycle and walked until I heard the river running through the small canyon.  That exact river before was just a creek 8 months ago.

Next week I turn 57 and the following week I am suppose to celebrate my one year wedding anniversary.  The last few years have been very rough on me health wise plus my mental and emotions have also been affected.  Sep. 4, 2008 I had open heart surgery (quadruple bypass) and that affected me in so many ways.  I was so scared and my fiance at the time was waiting for me after the surgery even though I was heavily sedated.  She came after work everyday to be with me.  Once I came home, I had to sleep on the couch because that was the only place I could get out of bed.  Just last week I was given a monitor from the V.A. to monitor my blood sugar levels.  I have gone through male menopause and my testosterone is very low.  The man that my wife knew over 6 years ago has changed because all I have gone through and it has been very difficult for her and sometimes unbearable.  I tell her over and over again what has happen to me and sometimes I wonder why she does not understand or will not understand.

Three days before Christmas last year I checked myself into the West LA VA emergency psychiatric ward so I did not bring harm to myself and someone else.  Lets just say he is related to my wife.  From July of last year to the present has been one of the worse part of my life and all the challenges and suffering I have gone through and yet through it all I have survived but do not ask me how because it was so bad at times I did not want to deal with it.

I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and tired of the fight and the inner demons that are constantly attacking me and reminding me of how I once was and what I am now.  I have no place to go or no one to listen to me.  I want someone to help me and save me from myself and those around who are more worried about their wants and needs than those of mine.

I wake up everyday, unemployed and wonder why no one wants to hire me or use my services since those I have worked with tell me that I am very good at what I do.  I have gone through so many jobs in the last 6 years and have not worked for over 20 months.  All this went through my mind as I looked at the majesty of the mountains and listen and watch the river run throught the small canyon.  I saw the green on the mountains where the fires had been as it slowly recoverd and how quickly they clean up the mudslides that had blocked the road.

I know I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and try anything to get a job or even get more clients for my own business.  I know that there is an answer out there to all I am going through and need to have patience for it because I have lost focus and desire for what I seek and need.  One day it will be there when I least expect and I cannot wait for that day to happen.

Posted by churchofuniversallove at 7:52 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 29 May 2010 2:26 AM EDT
Wednesday, 20 January 2010
Words of Wisdom from Pat Robertson of the 700 Club
Mood:  not sure

Doomsday, 2007

Robertson welcomed 2007 with the declaration that God had told him terrorists would attack the U.S in the latter half of the year.  “There’s a possibility that – not a possibility, definite certainty that chaos is going to rule,” he said on The 700 Club’s Jan. 2 broadcast.

It wouldn’t necessarily be a nuclear attack: “The Lord didn’t say nuclear,” Robertson noted, yet the “mass killing” could affect multiple cities, and millions of people might die.  By year’s end, however, Armageddon failed to occur.

Islam Is Not Religion

He has said it time and time again – “Islam is not a religion” – and while the line has angered Muslims worldwide, repeating it still doesn’t make him right.  In the wake of the Fort Hood shootings, Robertson declared on The 700 Club that Islam was actually “a political system bent on world domination.”

Sharon Asked For It

Robertson’s reaction to the 2006 stroke that debilitated Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon hurt him, both in the public eye and in his wallet.  After he noted that Sharon’s sudden decline in health could be ascribed to his policy of “dividing God’s land” by ceding Gaza to the Palestinians, Israel announced it was ending negotiations with Robertson on the development of a $50 million Christian heritage tourist site.  He then issued an open letter to Sharon’s son Omri, expressing his condolences and blaming his comments on “my zeal, my love of Israel, and my concern for the future.

Pat’s Hot Mic

When he terms the caller he’s just spoken to “a homo, sure as you’re alive,” Pat Robertson looks so freaked out you would think he’d just spoken to a ghost.  Maybe that’s because he apparently forgot one of the cardinal rules of media appearances: if you happen to be wearing a microphone when you put your foot in your mouth, it’s virtually certain to be on.

Karate Demons

Whatever else you might think of this clip – in which Robertson advises karate enthusiasts to avoid “inhaling some demon spirit” for extra strength, as he claims some martial artists do – you have to be impressed by one thing: he manages to talk about America’s favorite fighter for more than a minute without dropping a Chuck Norris fact.  (For example, “There is no theory of evolution.  Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.”)

Pointing Fingers over 9/11

Just two days after the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001, Robertson welcomed the Rev. Jerry Falwell onto his show to discuss the cause of the tragedy.  Falwell’s list of guilty parties included “the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle,” not to mention the ACLU and People for the American Way for good measure.  Robertson's response to Falwell's venom? "I totally concur."

The Anti-Ladies Man

Iowa embraced the women’s-rights movement a little late – shooting down an equal-rights amendment that would ban sex discrimination in 1980 and waiting until 1992 to reintroduce the issue.  However, TV evangelist Pat Robertson made it clear that he would do anything in his power to keep it off the table for good, joining forces with the organization Stop ERA to block the amendment.

In a now infamous letter, sent as a plea to supporters to donate money to the Stop ERA organization, Robertson claimed that the feminist movement was “a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Although the letter was dismissed as “ridiculous” by the head of the group of Iowa Equal Rights Amendment 1992, Robertson’s vituperative comments, along with a media blitz by anti-ERA activists, successfully prevented equal rights from being incorporated into the state’s constitution by a 51% margin.  (It would ultimately pass in 1998.)

God’s Wrath Caused Katrina

When it comes to Pat Robertson, sometimes truth and fiction are hard to distinguish.  On The 700 Club in 2005, Robertson blamed Hurricane Katrina on the issue of abortion in John Robert’s Supreme Court nomination.  Around the same time, Dateline Hollywood published a satirical claiming Robertson said selecting New Orleans native Ellen DeGeneres, a lesbian, to host the Emmy Awards caused the hurricane.  The joke became a widespread Internet rumor that, given Robertson’s track record, was perhaps too easy to take seriously.

The Haitian Curse

Pat Robertson’s comments in the aftermath of Jan. 12’s massive earthquake near the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince might be his most questionable yet.  In a Jan. 13 appearance on The 700 Club, Roberson used a shaky bit of history to imply that the quake was divine retribution for Haitian voodoo doctors enlisting the help of Satan to free their country from the French some 200 years ago.  A statement put out later by a Robertson rep attempted to clarify that the reverend had merely meant to speculate on why the impoverished country has a long been cursed -  not that there was any particular impetus from above for this latest misfortune.  Some consolation.

Hugo Chavez

Some of Robertson’s harshest rhetoric was reserved for Venezuelan President (and frequent U.S. thorn) Hugo Chavez.  Robertson used a 2005 episode of The 700 Club to seemingly urge a state-sponsored assassination.  “You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it … [The U.S. has] the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability.”  Robertson later claimed that “take him out” could mean any number of things short of Chavez’s death.

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Updated: Wednesday, 3 February 2010 12:27 AM EST

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